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Capital & Financial Solutions

We tailor financing solutions to meet your companies' needs. Solutions Include:

Starter Credit (less than 2 years)
Equipment Financing
Purchase Order Financing
Contract Financing
Term Loans for Working Capital
Lines of Credit
Asset Based Lending
Other Capital Resources... some that don't have to be repaid

Previously declined for a loan?

We are here to help. We have and 87% loan approval rate. We identify and address most credit barriers before you apply and then we fit you to the Right Type of Capital.

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Credit Assistance Services

Our Credit Assistance Services Program (CAS) helps small and minority businesses improve their ability to access affordable capital. We do this by assessing your funding readiness and then help you take the steps needed to improve your business creditworthiness.

Our CAS program has achieved extraordinarily and has an 87% loan approval rate. We do this by delivering structured services to target both credit barriers and behaviors which adversely impact the creditworthiness of small businesses.

We firmly believe that small and minority firms need access to variety of credit educational and assistance resources the strengthen their financial and credit wherewithal. These include credit literacy coupled with tools that help company owners identify, understand and overcome capital barriers. Specialized coaching and assistance services from knowledgeable and experienced small business credit specialists are also critical.

Financial Projections

We offer structured programs to help you forecast and stay on top of your business capital and cash flow needs. Our online program models and scheduled financial coaching suite ensure that you have regularly ongoing access to support and assistance to know what is coming your way financially.

Prequalify or Apply For a Loan

If you are ready to apply for capital, contact one of our Credit Specialists to submit an application. We are ready to service you. At BRG, you won't get forced into a high priced loan product, only to find out later that you qualify for cheaper alternatives with more flexible terms.

Business Credit Assessment

Our personalized credit needs assessment will match you to the Best Fit Loan Type to fit your financing needs. And you will know where you stand. In today's complex lending market, poorly matched clients are paying two or three times market rates. There is no need to drain away your profits to get access to capital.

We are here to help!
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Crowdfunding Readiness & Education

There are new resources in town to help fund many businesses. Crowdfunding resources can take on several types. Understanding the right type of funding and how to prepare yourself to raise funds from the crowd is your first step.

We partner with local crowdfunding experts to help small businesses get education and get themselves ready.

Credit Card or Other

Building Business Credit

Business Credit Cards

Optimize your business credit score by maintaining and using business credit cards. Find out how to access the best credit card rates for your situation.

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Debt Refinance

If you need to restructure or pay off a business loan, a personal financial assessment is needed. Many lenders penalized companies that need to restructure debt. But all do not. Give us a call and lets structure a financing plan for your company.