Community Express FACT SHEET
Intermediary for sending complete application packages: Business Resource Group

Loan Amount $25,000-$250,000
Product Type •Prime LinePrime LoanEquipment LoanTerm Loan Commitment
Interest Rate, >$50,000 •Prime Lines - Prime + 2.25% (5 year term)
•Term Loan Products - Prime + 2.25% (Less than 7 years)
•Prime + 2.75% (7-10 years)
Fees PrimeLines
•Wells Fargo Origination Fee: 1% of full line amount
•Wells Fargo Annual Fee: ½% of full line amount
•SBA Guarantee Fee: $25,000-$100,000-2% of guaranteed amount
•Filing Fees: Usually $50
Monthly Payment •PrimeLines - Interest onlyAll other loan products - Principal + Interest
Payment Method •Automatic transfer from a Wells Fargo business checking account
SBA Eligibility •Women or Minority owned and businesses in Los-Moderate Income areas
SBA Guarantee
•PrimeLines - $25,000-$100,000 80% of total line amount for five years
•PrimeLines - $101,000-$250,000 75% of total line amount for five years
• Term Loan Products - $25,000-100,000:80% total loan amount for term of loan
•Term Loan Products - $101,000-250,000:75% total loan amt. for term of loan
Minimum Requirements •FICO Score 650-680
• 2 Years Management Experience
• Funds Flow: 1.20x current year,interim & projections, 1.00x two full year average for lines of credit
• Leverage 10:1 or appropriate for industry
Other Requirements •Personal guarantees by min 51% ownership & all owners of 20% or more
•Security Agreement in Business Assets
• Technical Assistance Action Plan must be prepared by 3rd Party Intermediary approved by Bank and SBA
• Periodic credit reviews
•Existing WFB Debt can be refinanced if:
•The existing BLN, PLN or term loan no longer meets the borrowing needs of the borrower (i.e. the business has grown).
• The loan being refinanced is a line of credit or a term loan (for term loans, there must be a minimum of a 20% savings in the payment amount).
•The debt to be refinanced has not been more than 29 days past due for the past 2 years.
Note Community Express lines/loans can not total more than $250,000.
•A borrower should not have more than one Primeline.
•A line.loan is not eligible for Community Express if a conventional WFB loan has been granted within the last 90 days.


•Standard compensation, expect fees can not be reduced